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When you’re in pain, whether it’s acute or chronic, it may completely devastate your life. It can make it difficult for you to work effectively—or even at all. It can impair your capacity to carry out even basic everyday tasks. It has the potential to put joy, excitement, and fulfillment out of reach.

We understand how pain may take away your quality of life. At Apex. We’re also aware that It’s complicated…and it’s different for each person it impacts. Most importantly, we understand that you want—need—to get out of pain and go back to what matters most to you: living your life.

About Us

We’re delighted to offer the most effective, comprehensive, and noninvasive approaches to treating or eliminating back pain. Our chiropractors and medical experts are trained in the most up-to-date procedures for nonsurgical, drug-free, long-term pain management.

Dedicated to your health needs

We take a unique approach to neuropathy and pain relief, we first seek the completely diagnose and understand the cause of your severe neuropathy and chronic pain, not just temporarily treat the symptoms.

  • Give you personalized attention according to your unique pain, needs and life.
  • Construct a thorough, specific treatment plan to address the cause of your debilitating symptoms.  
  • Commit to caring…  (elaborate)

Compassionate Staff

Our medical staff is a compassionate and committed team with a diverse professional background including:  Physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and technicians all working together in synergy to help provide the most optimum results for you.  Our experienced providers are highly-trained in the most current treatment techniques and all work together with a focus on follow-through and emphasizing the importance of patient education and follow-up treatment in order to get outstanding results.

Meet The Team

Our Doctors have decades of experience in non-surgical intervention and therapies for severe neuropathy and chronic pain.

Many people suffering just like you seek our services because they want help for their severe neuropathy and chronic pain. Most feel that they have tried “everything” else, have been told there are no other options, and they need to just live with their pain.

We have a team of Professionals that will listen to you, thoroughly evaluate your condition, determine the cause of your problem and work with you to achieve the relief you have been looking for. Schedule now to see if one of our cutting-edge treatments may be the answer for you.

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