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We start at ground zero, the diagnosis. We perform and/or obtain any and all diagnostic testing required to get to the bottom of the CAUSE of your problem. Until the cause is known, the care is a guess. We don’t guess with our patient’s care and we won’t guess with yours… which is why we get results with patients who have needlessly suffered, some for decades.

Our team is not only professional and well trained, at APEX, we keep the “care” in HealthCARE.


Kenneth A. Carle, MD

“Welcome to APEX Neuropathy & Pain Centers, where cutting-edge technology meets old-fashioned caring where we treat the whole person, not just their pain.”

–  Ken Carle, MD

  • Co-Founder ANPC
  • Medical Director of ANPC
  • Founder, The Carle Center for Pain Management
  • Board Certified in Pain Medicine
  • Board Certified in Anesthesiology

Dr. Carle’s CV

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